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The next meeting will be at the VFW Post 660. Sunday, December 12, 2021.

There will be many things to discuss so come on out and contribute.

Have a Voice and Make it Heard!!!!


Note: Please be patient as we try to explore cost-efficient ways to display the Galleries in the way we used to. We've made progress on the site in other areas, but this remains a bit of a sticking point.

Savannah Toy Run 2018
Cold, Damp and a Very Good Cause

Due to inherent issues with download speeds for these images, We have not been updating the Gallery. As soon as I find a more efficient solution, we will bring everything live. Both past and present. We have LOADS of pics from Coach to upload. Thank you for your patience.  Meanwhile, there are subsets of pictures from all of our events over the last few years, (up to the most current) available for your viewing on Facebook. --Convict.

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